Remembering Cesar Chavez

On March 31st we celebrated Cesar Chavez Day as a nation. Chavez is remembered each year on his birthday for his tireless leadership and non-violent tactics to gain national attention on farm workers issues.

Chavez is best known for founding the National Farm Workers Association, which would later become the United Farm Workers (UFW), along with Dolores Huerta. Chavez organized marches, boycotts, pickets and strikes to help bring farm workers better wages and safer working conditions. He worked through the UFW to show how important farm workers were to California’s economy and bring dignity to all agriculture workers.

Chavez died peacefully in 1993, but his legacy lives on. A national holiday since 2008, Cesar Chavez Day recognizes the great work of this courageous man. It is also known throughout the United States as a day of service and learning. Many organizations have parades; have volunteer opportunities in their communities and have celebrations honoring Chavez and his legacy.

For more information on Cesar Chavez and his life story, visit the United Farm Workers website at