The Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment 2012

President Obama recently signed legislation authorizing the continuation of federal unemployment benefits through the end of 2012. This legislation imposes new requirements to receive extended benefits. If you are starting at Tier 1 or Tier 2 of an extension, it means you must report in person to your scheduled appointment at a designated One-Stop Career Center for Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment Services (RES/REA). In order to benefit from the Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment of 2012 (REA 2012) an individual must actively participate in reemployment activities. These activities include skill assessments, orientation of services provided at their local One-Stop Career Center, and more to help prepare individuals find employment. If you receive Federal Unemployment Extension Benefits, and you started or transitioned to Tier 1 or Tier 2 of federal unemployment extension benefi ts on or aft er March 23, 2012, you will receive an appointment notice in the mail with the location, date, and time of your scheduled appointment at a specific One-Stop Career Center. Failure to appear and complete the activities required of you may affect your eligibility to receive extension benefits. This may result in a delay in benefits or possible disqualification.

Work Search Requirements

Your work search must start before your scheduled in-person appointment. To continue receiving benefits, you must complete the following:

      • CalJOBS: All individuals receiving federal unemployment extension benefits must register for work with the state employment service. In California, that means you must register with CalJOBs and post your resume on the site. Register in CalJOBS at and follow the steps.
      • Complete the Reemployment and Eligibility Questionnaire found on EDD’s website at About_EDD/REA_2012_EUC.htm.
      • Search for work/Record of Work Search: To receive unemployment insurance benefits, you must actively search for work each week. You must contact at least three employers and keep a record of your work search contacts. For the two weeks prior to your REA appointment, you must complete a work search log attached to your Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment Questionnaire. Your work search log must contain the following information:
        • Date applied
        • Company name
        • Company address (internet address is acceptable)
        • Person contacted
        • Type of work applied
        • Results of the contact

Your Mandatory In-Person REA 2012 Appointment

      • Information regarding the REA appointment can be found at REA_2012_EUC.htm. Due to limited computer access at your REA appointment, it would be helpful and a time saver if you complete the following online activities prior to your appointment:
      • REA 2012 Orientation: You must print the certificate of completion immediately aft er the online orientation review is finished and bring it with you to your scheduled appointment. The link to the orientation is:
      • Skills Assessment: You may take an assessment of your skills and complete career center exploration at or

For more information about the Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment 2012, visit