One-Stop Career Centers

Throughout the year, there may be times when you or a family member may be unemployed due to the seasonal nature of the Agriculture Industry and looking for work in other areas.

One-Stop Career Centers throughout the state can help provide access to services for both adults and youth concerning employment, education and training, as well as guidance for obtaining other assistance. While all One-Stop centers provide specific services, many provide additional services that reflect the needs of the area that is being served.

One-Stop Career Centers provide many helpful resources for your work search efforts in one convenient place. Established under the Workforce Investment Act, One-Stop Career Centers offer training referrals, career counseling, job listings, and similar employment-related services. Residents can visit a center in person or connect to the center’s information through a computer. California also provides One- Stop Career Center services remotely through freestanding electronic kiosks and mobile units that travel to areas where constant services are not available.

One-Stop centers use varied strategies in providing the appropriate services to meet the needs of their customers:

  • Core Services are available and include, in part, labor market information, initial assessment of skill levels, and job search and placement assistance.
  • Intensive Services are available to eligible unemployed individuals who have completed at least one core service, but have not been able to obtain employment, or employed individuals needing additional services to obtain or keep employment that will lead to personal self-sufficiency.
  • Training Services are available to eligible individuals who have met the requirements for intensive services and have not been able to obtain or keep employment. Individual Training Accounts are established to finance training based upon the individual’s choice of selected training programs.

One-Stop Career Centers

One-Stop Career Centers reduce poverty and unemployment by helping low-income and other disadvantaged citizens to increase their earning power through improved skills. The Career Centers work to support the state’s business climate by assisting local employers to find and train qualified workers and ensuring a skilled workforce.

To find a One-Stop Career Center in your local area, see your local telephone directory. You may also visit the Service Locator Website or the Employment Development Department (EDD) website and the CalJobs website.