Bienvenido Paisano Program

In 1989, Mexico’s Federal Government implemented actions to improve the security and services at Mexican borders, seaports and airports. While the initial incentive was to improve travel into the country, it has also helped streamline and simplify the processes associated with entering the country.

According to the Programa Paisano website, the main objectives of the program are to ensure dignified and lawful travel for Mexicans entering, transiting or leaving Mexico, through the following actions:

  • Inform and disseminate information about their fulfillment of obligations and their rights.
  • Protect their physical integrity and property.
  • Sensitize and train public servants and civil society.
  • Attend and monitor complaints.

Paisano is a permanent program,operates under the guise of Interministerial Committee, has a Technical Committee, a National Coordination, three representatives in the U.S. and 31 states at the national level

While the initial program, implemented in 1989, only ran during the holiday season, the current program runs year-round and involves many of the country’s state departments and agencies. Paisano has become a substantial part of Mexican state policy for the protection of nationals entering and leaving the country. The Paisano Program represents the efforts of the Mexican Government to ensure compliance with the rights of Mexicans living abroad, who pass through Mexico.

You can find out more about the program by visiting the Programa Paisano website at or by contacting your local Consulate office for information.